Experience. Excellence.

Just two words that could be used to describe Dr. Noriega. And together they form a sentence that describes his philosophy: that each of his patients should experience excellence.

Dr. Noriega strives to achieve excellence in each and every surgery he performs, and uses his years of experience to make that happen. He doesn’t believe in short-cuts. Every surgery is a chance to create perfection. His unhurried, meticulous approach leaves no room to say “good enough”. If there is any possible way to improve a result, he dedicates himself to that goal, regardless of time or effort. Every single time.

The familiar adage “A work of art is a joy forever” guides his life and his work. Dr. Noriega believes that to create beauty, you must dedicate yourself to creating a work of art; something to be proud of. He knows that patients will be looking at his work for the rest of their lives, and wants that joy to last forever.

Dr. Noriega’s focus on quality, not quantity, means that he completes every stage of a surgery himself. While it is common in the interest of time for surgeons to allow assistants important participation in the actual surgery, Dr. Noriega believes in investing the time and effort to do it with his own hands. He will always take the time, no matter how unimportant a task might seem. Just for the chance to make it better.

Dr. NoriegaSome people believe that nothing can be perfect — and that may be true. But to Dr. Noriega that’s not an excuse. It’s a challenge. An opportunity to say, “I am going try to make it perfect.” As a young football player, he learned that even if your team is already winning, you can always lose if you stop trying. And if you’re not always trying, you never really win. But if you pour in everything you’ve got, every time, you can always succeed.