In an attempt to reduce the amount of scarring from breast lifts (mastopexy), we are now combining a more conservative lifting method with an augmentation mammaplasty.

One must realize that sagging of the breast is simply the condition of having too much skin for the amount of glandular breast tissue present. Hence the solution is two-fold.

In one situation, you can “fill” the deflated breast, which is a breast augmentation and is often recommended to a woman who wishes to be larger and has mild ptosis (or sagging of the breasts). In other situations, you can perform a mastopexy.

Combining both of these procedures is a third option. This allows the use of one of the more conservative mastopexy techniques (such as a vertical scar technique) together with an augmentation to achieve the best of both worlds. Since many variables have to be taken into account, this can be a tricky surgery. It is best to discuss this with the surgeon.