While most problems associated with typical female thigh complaints, such as “saddle bags,” can be addressed by liposuction, when skin is excessively loose then attention has to be directed to surgical excision of these tissues. This procedure is known as a “thigh lift”.

An incision is generally made from the mid-portion of the thigh in the groin area, which continues on to terminate in the crease of the buttocks. Excess skin and fat is then excised in the shape of a crescent, and closed with sutures. This obviously results in a high but visible scar.For people with very loose skin this tradeoff is quite welcome.

The surgery is conducted under general anesthesia and can take between 2 to 4 hours. Recovery can be uncomfortable for several days. General patient satisfaction is good, since very loose and saggy thighs are a real concern for many people. In addition, I am seeing more of this procedure in post-bariatric patients who have experienced massive loss.